Moving Through FearsĀ Around Money


Right now I know many humans on the planet are being faced with deep rooted fears around money.

Will there will be enough?

What will happen if there is NOT enough money to pay rent, buy groceries and pay bills?!


The planet is going through a HUGE upgrade over the next decade, although in the interim things will feel scary because they will be a lot less predictable than ever before.

I have shared some thoughts about lack based, fear based, poverty consciousness in this 35 minute video.

 To introduce you to the concepts I will be sharing...


Our universe is INFINITE expressions of the One Infinite Creator.

This means one thing…

Lack. Cannot. Exist.


If the underlying currency of our entire universe is INFINITY... this proves that lack is not a real concept.

The truth is, infinite possibilities lie before us, although we cannot see them because our minds are so limited and programmed to believe only certain things are possible.

Therefore we can only see one tiny slipstream of possibility when there is really INFINITY to explore and play with. Within that realm of infinity lies infinite timelines where you are eternally nurtured, supported and taken care of by Universal Intelligence (disguised as people and experiences).

Limitation only exists inside of the human mind. It does not exist in a universe that is eternally giving and abundantly supportive. 


Lack mindset is a human construct.

It’s a viral program. 

It’s also a metaphysical impossibility of creation.


In my personal opinion, based upon seeing the current state of the world, LACK is one of the most poisonous programs installed into mankind.

It is also deeply contagious.

It passes down through generation to generation, which is why in this video we will be looking closely to our parents and grandparents to analyse their relationship to money.


Were they in lack, or abundance mindset? The answer to that question will help you to understand your own patterns.

The first step is to honestly admit where you are currently at with your relationship with trusting the universe.


Do you live in lack?

Or do you live in abundance?


Every single decision can be made from lack (fear) or abundance (love) and each of those decisions will ripple out and have an impact on your manifesting reality.



Why Choosing Love Is ALWAYS The Answer...


When we live in alignment, and we choose love over fear, we enter a new time-space dimensional reality where LACK CANNOT EXIST. 

This is the concept of jumping parallel timelines.

We jump timelines by entering a new frequency domain that holds a higher frequency (the highest frequency in the universe is love).

So if you can start digging up and letting go of your lack and poverty based belief systems, then you’ll start to enter a reality where you are infinitely abundant.

 This is where I live nowadays... but it took A LOT of work to get here, because I was so deeply programmed with deep lack beliefs around money.


Let's get one thing clear.

Living abundantly is nothing to do with how much money is in your account.

Some of the most “abundant” people on the planet are in more lack than most homeless people.


Lack mindset is holding onto the fears that there won’t be enough and therefore you need to be frugal with your money, your possessions, your love or your energy. 

True abundance is knowing from the depth of your core that you will never go without, be left with nothing, have no further options to explore…

You simply KNOW that you are infinitely and eternally taken care of.


This paradigm shift allows you to float through life with ease as you know that you are eternally supported by the universe and there is truly nothing to fear.

You are not in danger.

You are eternally safe, because you are a child of pure universal love-light intelligent energy that is witnessing you in every single second of your reality.


The worst case scenario that we so often visit and dread....

only exists within THE MIND.



Abundance & Prosperity 


Living abundantly means that when you have money, you spend it. 

You don’t feel the need to “save” or hoard your things.

You realise that money is just energy and it is constantly flowing in and out and is dependant on your frequency and belief systems moment-to-moment, day-to-day.

Having “savings” is part of this collective viral nonsensical program of lack.



Watch the video to pierce the veil and see glimpses of truth on this topic... to discover that lack and poverty does not exist outside of human programming. 

The more of us that understand this concept and integrate it into our own lives, the more we will start transforming the way the earth is currently operated… 


Right now we live in a world where 1% of the population control all the money … whilst 50% or more of the population are starving to death.

We are the change makers who are here to design and build a new system.


Are you with me?


Wth love,



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