The Silent Observer - A Poem About Your Higher Self

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2017


The silent observer is the wisest part of your being.

It’s always watching, witnessing, steering us towards our true meaning.


Sometimes we feel desperate when trying to find our life’s meaning or purpose.

We criticize and judge ourselves, leaving a sense of being totally worthless.


We go through our ups.

We go through our downs.

Life is comprised of both beauty and frowns.


In those times of sadness and heart-wrenching despair.

Laying on the cold bathroom tiles, choking for air.


Tasting the saltiness of your tears as they roll down your face.

Desperately longing for someone’s embrace.


During these times of despair we may feel helpless and alone.

Although the truth is we always have company, our higher self, witnessing every moan.


So whilst sometimes we may forget our purpose on this earth.

Remember that the silent observer has never forsaken your value or worth.


The silent observer is the vast, non-physical part of yourself, you see.

The part that is not contained nor limited, like the ego’s sense of ‘me’.


Whilst we move through life and inevitably experience times of pain.

It’s important to remind ourselves that these moments offer something to gain.


Our times of deep suffering are where we get to know ourselves best.

These moments are the universe putting our inner strength to the test.


When we start to lose our way, it is our purpose we often forget.

And until we ask for help, the silent observer knows not to interject.


So i invite you to turn inward, and connect with this powerful force.

Your teacher, your compass ... that which we call Source.


This teacher knows that life is a never-ending opportunity to learn and grow.

To expose the rawest parts of ourselves we thought we lacked the strength to show.


So remember my dear one's, life may throw you about, leaving you lost and in a tangle.

Although it’s important to gain perspective, knowing your are always protected by your guardian angel.


Whilst the silent observer may not speak or act.

This presence is always there

Seeing you as perfect

Seeing you as whole

Knowing there is nothing you ever lacked.


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