What Is Intuitive Detoxification?

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What Is Cellular Detoxification?

Cellular detoxification is the process of cleaning out each and every one of your blood cells and the surrounding interstitial fluids. It is imperative that we tend to this fluid as it is what supports each cell and its ability to absorb life force from the foods nutrients. This fluid is also known as The Great Lymphatic System.

When this system is clogged and full to the brim with acid waste due to suppressed eliminative organs, it won’t be long until we see a long list of physical and non-physical symptoms start to appear. Every single diagnosis known to man can be traced back to an inflamed body and a clogged up lymphatic system.

Some common examples of a backed up lymphatic system:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, eczema
  • Autoimmune Illness
  • Weak adrenals and nervous system
  • Malabsorption
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Asthma and other respiratory issues
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Strong negative response to a virus
  • All forms of cancer
  • Pain, swelling and spasms

The list goes on.

Every single prognosis is a label the medical community have come up with to describe a weakness within a certain area of the human body or mind. Rather than seeing that there is truly only one illness — an imbalance within your inner eco-system — instead doctors insist we use pharmaceutical prescriptions and regularly monitored lab tests to manage a condition that is nothing more than an inflammatory response manifesting within the weakest area of the physical body.

Cellular Detoxification is the path of cleaning out the lymph and blood systems so that new Life Force & Light Energy can start moving through the body, leaving you feeling and looking better than ever before.

As long as these two fluid based systems are tended to then we start to see deep healing within all organs and glands and no longer can any form of dis-ease or imbalance exist within the body. The microbiome is balanced and thriving, the adrenals are strong and healthy, the kidneys are filtering, the liver is slowly releasing all of it’s accumulated poisons ... and slowly but surely the body and every single one of its cells, tissues and organs starts to regenerate.

This is Not Your Average Detox Program

To expect that we can drink some green juice and all of our problems will disappear would be to underestimate the intelligent universal journey we are all experiencing here on earth.

A symptom or a condition that shows up on the physical body truly has nothing to do with the physical body.


Whilst that may sound confusing, as you journey through my videos you will start to recognise this to be the truth. Whatever is showing up within the body is an energetic response that is having an effect on the body, creating weaknesses in certain areas, which them become symptoms which leads to disease.

This means the cleansing and detoxification process, whilst very much so focused on physical clean up, will be a very deep and profound spiritual journey where you start to recognise corruptions, distortions, traumas, fragmented parts of self, limiting belief systems plus many other non-physical toxic patterns that have been in operation for many years. Detox gives you an opportunity to let go of anything that is not supporting you to become the lightest and brightest version of yourself.

We start with a deep physical clean up because this is truly the gateway to enter the deeper realms of yourself.

Each and every single cell is a tiny version of you. When we start tending to each cell as if they are a living entity, we start to restore our natural and inherent Life Force that works its way throughout the entire body, dissolving any imbalance it comes across.

Each and every single cell is a tiny version of you. When we start tending to each cell as if they are a living entity, we start to restore our natural and inherent Life Force that works its way throughout the entire body, dissolving any imbalance it comes across.

When you start to do this deep purification work, not only will your body undergo a huge upgrade… your entire life will start to transform before your eyes in ways you’d never imagined possible. You should expect nothing short of miracles showing up on a day-to-day basis once you are strong on the path of purification.

You will hear the word purification a lot throughout this program. What does this mean?

This word simply refers to the process of stripping back and detoxing all the layers of accumulated garbage, both physical toxicity and non-physical toxicity.

As you start to purify yourself you naturally start to allow more light to shine through your body-mind system.

Your cellular frequency starts to raise.

You feel divine energy pulsating through your entire body.

You become magnetic to other beings and high frequency experiences.

You have deep spiritual encounters that change your perspective on life forever.

Life becomes a never ending journey of pure magic unfolding right before your eyes. Something that every human deeply deserves, but can only attain through doing the work.

Take a Peek at What's Inside

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What Will The Journey Look Like?

Whilst this is a deep journey into the purification of the mind and a remembrance of the soul… the first place we always start is with the physical body.

Until the physical body is detoxified the glandular system remains overburdened and weak, we will experience blocks in our life from every direction.

This is because when the endocrine system is weak there will be an imbalance of hormones and chemicals which create disruptions within your emotional body.

A weak endocrine system can also lead to deep feelings of apathy, depression, anxiety or a complete lack of inspiration and motivation for life.

Not to mention… with a weakened and calcified pineal gland your connection to the higher realms of consciousness as well as your inner insight starts to become incredibly weak. This leads us into the realms of forgetting who we truly are which can feel very disempowering.

These are just a few of  infinite reasons why cellular detoxification is a very necessary process for ever human at some point along their life journey.

Otherwise you continue to live a life that feels dull compared to the life you know you truly came here to live.

Take a look at the curriculum below to peek into the journey that lies ahead.

The Course Curriculum

In Module 1 we will set up all of the foundations to create a safe container for the journey ahead. Prior to us jumping straight into a cleanse or detox protocol, there is a level of embodied wisdom to be attained. 

This high-level wisdom of the mind, body and soul will offer you all the tools you need to commence a powerful detoxification journey. 

The wisdom shared in Module 1 will support you in understanding how this process works, and why we don’t want to ego to take hold of the drivers seat. 

We have to allow the intuitive guidance to be the guiding principle of this entire journey.

In Module 2 you will be learning how to deeply connect with your divine guidance and your feminine energy. We will be discussing the question … what does it look like to live a life that is a pure magical unfolding of the divine living and breathing through you? 

How can we align ourselves with to this way of being and disidentify from the fearful monkey mind that wants to think and over-analyse it’s way through life? 

Intuitive Detoxification is the path of purifying your body with the support of your Higher Self and Soul’s wisdom.

Nothing could make you feel more blissful and alive.

In Module 3 we will be learning about all things dietetics, nutrition and bio-chemistry. 

This module gives you the full spectrum of how the physical body works and what we need to do to not only heal, but to remain healthy and vibrant on a cellular level. 

We will be talking about proper food combining, dry fasting, macronutrients, the adrenals, the liver, the kidneys and we will finish out the module by debunking the biggest health myths we have all been fooled by.

The Transition Recipe Database is a large electronic recipe book that you can work through at your own pace. The recipes are fully vegan and contain both raw and cooked options. 

These recipes, whilst being low in mucus-formation… are absolutely delicious and will satisfy you on every level whilst keeping your vibration high. 

Your Transition Diet is an important step that cannot be avoided. Proper transition is necessary prior to diving into deep levels of cellular detoxification.

Module 5 introduces you to all the most profound self-care practices which will support you in feeling like the best version of yourself. 

Each of the tools is designed to work into a certain system within the body. 

The more we can support the body to eliminate toxins, the better we will start to look and feel.

In Module 6 you will be exploring the Cleanse & Detox Protocols. You have over 15 protocols to experiment with, each targeting a different organ or system. Vibrant cellular health will be restored after several rounds of cleansing.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced on the detox path… the protocols have got you covered! You never have to push yourself into anything you are not quite ready for. Instead you can start with the beginner protocols for a few months until you feel stronger to dig a little deeper.

You are encouraged to follow protocols that EXCITE you. This way we know you will be following a protocol that is perfectly designed for your bodies needs at this time.

In Module 7 you’ll be guided through three of the five stages of cellular detoxification. 

The questions that many detox specialists fail to answer is … what comes after detox? 

What happens when binge eating arises? 

What happens when body image issues plague your every thought? 

How do we rebuild and regenerate all the nutrients and minerals that have been lost during a longer fast? How do we rebuild a strong and healthy body?

These are very important questions that must be understood prior to diving deep with cellular detoxification.

In Module 8 you will be guided through a series of lessons and guided meditations that will support the rewiring of your brain circuits and pathways. 

We must understand the subconscious mind and mental reprogramming otherwise we continue to live out patterns and programs that hinder our journey of ascension. 

The body cannot be upgraded without also upgrading the mind. 

In the final chapter of The Intuitive Healing Program you will be guided into your own emotional body. 

We will be discussing what emotional healing work looks like… and how can we become our own therapist, ensuring built up trauma and lower frequency energies have a way to be detoxed from the system. 

The emotions are a very important aspect of the healing journey. They cannot be ignored. They need a lot of love and attention. 

The Mucus-Less Way Of Life

The body and its blood system is nothing more than a chemistry laboratory. Once this is properly understood, the cure for all disease becomes so incredibly simple.

Mucus is a pus-like substance that forms within the body in response to certain chemical reactions. This response happens as an intelligent protective mechanism.

Every single thing on planet earth holds a certain PH level. Throughout the journey of Cellular Detoxification, we will be working on increasing the PH level of the blood through cleaning out your lymphatic fluids.

We will move through various transition diet protocols that will eventually transition into cleanse and detox protocols that will focus on removing acids and mucus from the body, whilst slowing down more mucus formation at a pace that is right for each individual.

There is no “doing” or “striving” with Intuitive Detoxification. It is a pure divine unravelling, allowing any internal disturbances to be flushed from the system.

There is no “doing” or “striving” with Intuitive Detoxification. It is a pure divine unravelling, allowing any internal disturbances to be flushed from the system.

The truth is… we do need some mucus. Mucus is created within the body for incredibly intelligent reasons and it protects our cells, nose, oesophagus, intestines, gut and many other vital organs.

Although the issue is, the vast majority of our population is filled to the brim with mucus which creates all kinds of issues within the body. With such suppressed pathways of elimination, the formation of mucus is superseding the pace in which mucus and toxic waste is leaving the body. This is “the ticking time bomb” effect that you’ll learn about in Module 1.

Not to mention, mucus and all of it’s by-products (pathogens, candida, bio-film, parasites and plaque) hold a very low frequency. When you start to understand the vast intelligence of the microbiome you see that every living organism has its own consciousness. This means all the pathogens, bacteria and parasites that your body is storing away throughout the intestinal walls hold a certain power over your mental and emotional state of being. When they become overpopulated, that individual starts to become more disconnected from their souls essence, which is a major issue on planet earth in the current day.

For anyone who has done a juice fast or a cleanse in the past… the post-cleanse-glow is unforgettable. The crystalline clarity of mind and the high frequency emotions are the perfect demonstration of how we can truly experience life in these bodies… once we remove the waste that is creating unnecessary disturbances.

My Journey with Cellular Detoxification



"Been following this cleansing protocol for 3 months now, and wow, I feel like a new person! I never realised how much the toxins within my body were keeping me from feeling like myself. I was so cloudy and foggy and didn’t even realise until the cloud left."

Mary C

"My family have already noticed such a difference in me and I’m only 2 months in! Wow a lot can happen in a short period of time when you are truly committed."

Ben L

"No more bloating… no more cravings… regular bowel movements. I could never ask for anything more."

Paige G

"My acne has become much less inflamed and I feel it going down more and more each day. This protocol is bullet proof… if you are willing to do the work and meet yourself where you’ve never met yourself before."

Giulia P

"I have been struggling with candida for as long as I can remember. UTI’s and yeast infections have completely gone and my skin has improved so much. Can’t believe what I was told to avoid was truly the thing that was going to heal me. Thank you Sarah for illuminating this path of healing for all of us."

Elena R

Before and After Client Photos

The first step is to experience harmony within your cellular makeup.

The second step is to remember your souls codes and start living the blueprint you truly came here to live.

The first step is to experience harmony within your cellular makeup.

The second step is to remember your souls codes and start living the blueprint you truly came here to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program starts as soon as your purchase. 2 modules open every 2 weeks, so if you were moving through the content at a rapid speed, you could consume 1 module every week. You have lifetime access to the program so it is highly recommended you take as much time as you need. When a new module opens only start it if you feel ready to dive into the next chapter. All the 9 Modules will be open and available after 56 days. There is absolutely no rush to this process — the more patient you are — the deeper you’ll journey.

Yes, unlike The Intuitive Healing Program which is for women only… this program is for both men and women.

This program has been developed for both the novice or the advanced detoxer. You are given options to opt into and by no means are you pushed into anything you are not ready for. This is the path of Intuitive Detoxification which is a very balanced approach that calls forth both feminine and masculine energy to find the middle path that feels right for your body. There is nothing to be afraid of. Take it as slow as you need.

Under each lesson there is a discussion forum where you are encouraged to document your process and ask your questions. You’ll receive all the love, support, guidance and information you need to feel safe throughout this process. You can also book in a mentorship program with Tori or an iridology reading with Sarah.

Yes! If you are currently experiencing certain weaknesses and are using medication and don’t feel you can commit to a full detox path, it’s still imperative that you are eating well and starting with some self-care practices. Everything in this program will very slowly start building your body up with nutrition so that you eventually feel strong enough to come off all medications.

If you are facing the throws of hormonal imbalance and you have not done a lot of detox work, then it’s best you start with The Intuitive Healing Program. This program works on the endocrine system, adrenals, gut, liver and nervous system. It provides you with a complete framework for deeper emotional work and mental reprogramming. If you are not facing hormonal imbalance or you have done a good amount of cellular detoxification work in the past, start with this program.

The first stage of the journey is called a Transition Diet which is moving away from acid forming foods and towards alkaline foods. You can therefore have a little animal protein although it’s recommended you reduce from your normal intake. The detox protocols and rebuilding phases are completely vegan, as animal protein is acidic to the body and cannot be used during detox. Once in your maintenance phase you can have a little bit of anything you like, although it is likely you will be craving foods that hold a very high frequency once you’ve undergone several rounds of detox.

The entire program walks you through 5 different stages of cellular detoxification, with a mental and emotional detox offered in Modules 8 and 9.

When you get to Module 6 (where the detox protocols are available) you will find a large variety of protocols to choose from (for beginner to advanced protocols). You will intuitively oscillate back and forth between the Detox and Rebuilding Phases until you are satisfied with your results. You’ll then enter the Maintenance Phase which is pure intuition guiding you with no more rules to abide by. The body will show you the way from there.

The path of purification and cellular detoxification is a life long journey. To believe this journey takes one week, one month or one single cleanse… would be a complete distortion of the mind that wants a quick-fix. This program is not a quick-fix solution… it is a template for you to start implementing into your life so that you can continue to upgrade yourself on all levels for many years to come.

To give a more simple answer, expect that you will be in a process of detox and following the template of this program for a minimum of 1 - 2 years. This does not mean you will not see and feel changes within a couple of months, but to get the bigger picture of how profound this work is… it will take several months to several years.

The recipe database is jam-packed with recipes that are super alkaline and high vibrational, yet super easy and straight forward to prepare. We do not expect you to be slaving away in the kitchen for hours in order to feel healthy and vibrant.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds offered for this program.

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