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Work With Sarah

Sarah is no longer offering one-on-one coaching. If you’d like to work with a coach who is specialised in very similar modalities as Sarah (guidance for health, wellness, detox, spirituality and general emotional support) then check out Tori’s offerings below.

Iridology Consultation

Receive a 1 hour session (once-off, no follow up) with a verbal iridology reading which will transition into a healing/coaching session where any physical, emotional or mental imbalances that are lingering within can surface to be seen, witnessed, processed and integrated. You’ll also receive a 3 month protocol tailored to your specific needs.

Price - $199 USD


Iridology Reading

(15 Minute Recording)

Receive a 15 minute recording as Sarah reads over your iris whilst intuitively giving you a reading to support your physical, emotional and mental transformation. You’ll be given a protocol that will direct you towards the best herbs, foods and supportive tools that will facilitate deep healing over the coming months.

Price - $99 USD

Iridology is an ancient science discovered by Ignatz Peczely that informs us that every single pattern and colour within the iris of a human being references exactly what is taking place within the bodies organs, glands and tissues. The iris can therefore be utilised to understand the weakest areas within a human body which will inform what food, herbs and lifestyle changes will be most effective for their healing. This healing technology is a profound way to kickstart your healing journey and will take you on a deep journey of cellular restoration.


Work With Tori

Tori’s deepest desire is to assist her clients in realigning with vibrant health and their truest self-expression. She offers deep and practical support in the areas of holistic healing, self-care, body image, inner-child work, shadow work, mental health, emotional release, relationships, career and stress management. By helping to illuminate your blindspots, and gently guiding you back to your own innate wisdom and guidance, profound and life-changing healing can take place.

Tori has been on the healing path for over 5 years now, and comes from a background of chronic depression and anxiety, an eating disorder, hormonal imbalance, drug and alcohol abuse, destructive relationships and major body image issues. Through doing the internal work and healing her body and mind, she has integrated and transcended a life of darkness into a radiant life of her dreams. This has lit a fire of motivation within her to support others to do the same.

Her highest intention is to support you in raising your self worth so that a natural and healthy empowerment can be discovered and embodied. She believes that when we deeply nurture the relationship we have with ourselves, life mirrors this to us through health, connection and success beyond what we ever could have imagined. She would love to connect with you if you are seeking more intensive, tailored one-on-one support in alignment with Sarah's values and teachings.

Coaching Packages

As your coach Tori will be available to support you every-step-of- the-way with a completely tailored wellness program. Your options for one-on-one sessions are:

A one-off session (60 minutes)

Price - $95 USD

A 3 month package (6 sessions total - bi-weekly / fortnightly)

Price - $85 USD per session ($510 total)

A 6 month package (12 sessions total - bi-weekly / fortnightly)

Price - $75 USD per session ($900 total)

Each session includes a one hour video call where you'll be invited to discuss anything that is currently alive for you... and you'll be offered tools that you can use whenever these challenges arise again. You will always receive an email after a session highlighting the key suggestions to work with with over the coming weeks. You will also have access to Tori via WhatsApp in case any questions or challenges arise.

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching with Tori, she offers a complimentary 20 minute consultation to tune in and see if it will be a good fit for you in regards to the areas you would like to focus on.


If you want to hear about the program when it launches please provide your email below.