Hi there,

I am a big hearted, strong spirited woman who adores connecting with beautiful beings who wish to take their life to the next level.

I am an assertive and independent soul who wishes to challenge everything we have ever been taught so that we can create a new way of living that is more conducive for our species to thrive.

I’ve discovered along my own journey that when we let go of the accumulated baggage that is not truly us, all that is left is pure radiance, health and vitality.

This is our True Self.


I know that if you’ve landed on this page there is likely a strong soul resonance between us.

If you’ve listened to my videos you will often hear me use the word resonance.

This word perfectly references the experience of your soul remembering something.

You may experience a remembrance as a lighting up inside of your body as you watch a video or read a post.

Or perhaps you you notice many similarities between you and I and our life journey’s thus far.

However you found me and the work that I offer… I am so grateful you are here!

A Little About Me

My life is a continuously unravelling adventure of exploration into my own consciousness, noticing where I can rearrange things internally in order to see my external reality shift in a radical way.

I am on a wild journey of self-discovery and have a burning desire to share whatever I learn with all of you.

I am devoted to releasing anything that will hold me back from ascending into my highest human potential.

This includes physical detoxification practices as well as mental, emotional and spiritual detoxification practices that help me to connect with a deeper part of myself. This is also known as purification.

Although this is the path I’ve chosen for the last 5 years, it is far from my former days which were focused upon superficial and material ways of feeling worthy and loveable.

I can thank a major health breakdown in 2015 as the catalyst to tail-spin me away from my former life of binge eating, alcohol and parties… towards the life that I truly came here to live.

Nowadays, I would say I live the life of my dreams.

I travel to the most beautiful destinations in the world and live there for several months at a time… spending my days teaching, eating fruit, playing my guitar, writing, dancing and exploring the endless beauty of Mother Earth.

My entire life revolves around this one simple question…

“How can I offer myself more love in this moment?”

I’ve noticed that by simply honouring the answer to that question, I create a ripple effect of pure unconditional love… which touches the lives of those around me.

Where I've Come From

Today I stand tall in who I am feeling confident and self-assured although I can guarantee you that it wasn’t always this way.

It only feels like yesterday that I was an overwhelmed, depressed and anxious 24 year old who had just been diagnosed with PCOS, cervical cancerous cells, an autoimmune mystery illness and was facing severe pain and a complete physical breakdown.

Lost, confused, disconnected from myself and all other beings, completely alone in the dark with what felt like… no way out…

This is how I lived my days until I started to activate a deep intuition that would allow me to download information about how we truly heal the body.

This first started with me healing myself, although once I had healed myself I realised the healing path isn’t what we all thought it was.

Healing the body is truly finding the path to come home to yourself.

Learning to love yourself, accept yourself and to meet you own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Perhaps this won’t be an easy process at first because learning how to meet our own needs without using external crutches like food, partnership, money or other superficial coping mechanisms goes against everything we’ve ever been taught.

Healing the body requires a major shift in consciousness. As Einstein says, we cannot solve any problem from the same level of awareness that created it.

An upgrade in perception creates an alchemical reaction within, which heals any and all disease of the body and mind.

My Mission

My mission is to share information with all of you, in order to create a ripple effect in the world so humans can start seeing themselves beyond their internalised programs of self-criticism and judgement.

Healing the physical requires a radical shift in consciousness.

That is what we are doing here.

It all starts with you.

You Are Ready

If you are intuitively being drawn to my work, your soul is asking for the next level of it’s expansion.

Whether that is physical healing, emotional trauma release work or to find guidance and support to navigate your spiritual awakening…

Remember that none of these are separate from one another.

You cannot heal one thing and leave the rest out.

You are one whole physical being with multiple energetic bodies.

Healing yourself requires a holistic approach.

This is why we look at every single detail in your life as a source of medicine to bring your body back into balance.

Enjoy exploring the resources across the website.

If you feel the call to work with me navigate over and check out the programs or keep an eye out for upcoming retreats.

I look forward to connecting with you.

I love you,


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