Are You Ready to Fall Madly in Love with Yourself?

After many years of self-abandonment and self-loathing…. Breathwork was the tool that opened the door to deep unconditional self-love.


Repattern Your Subconscious Mind

Breathwork is a healing modality that enables you to access parts of your subconscious mind you usually wouldn’t have access to. This is because it helps us to enter a deep theta brainwave state (similar to when you are deep in meditation). This is where we have access to mental and emotional repatterning.

Accessing the theta brainwave state supports you to re-write your past… as it opens the door to memories that are in need of deep healing so that you can revisit these memories with love and compassion. You are gifted the opportunity to reparent yourself by offering your inner child what he or she was truly in need of in that moment.

Breathwork will also support you to improve your future, as you learn how to let go of self-judgement and self-limiting belief systems that have held you back in life. This reprogramming effect dramatically changes the trajectory of your life path.

The experience of a Breathwork ceremony is quite similar to that of plant medicine ceremony, although you do not consume anything. We are using solely oxygen to journey deep within our own psyche.

The reason why this has a similar effect as plant medicine is because when we breathe normally, we are taking in about 30% the amount of oxygen as our lungs can truly hold. For those living a stressful life, you are likely taking in closer to 15%-20% of the amount of air you could be breathing into your body. 

This is because when we are stressed or in fear and worry… we are living in the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) which is activated by shallow and short breathing into the chest.

Therefore we are breathing a lot less air than we should be, which leaves us feeling overwhelmed with an overactive mind and a lethargic body due to lack of proper oxygenation. 

This creates stagnant energy in the system as our energy (also knows as our Prana or Chi) is not flowing as it should… which eventually leads to illness within the mind or the body.

Have you ever heard the saying “cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment?” This is a true statement and helps us to understand why cancer rates continue to grow across the globe.

Because we have forgotten how to breathe.

When we start to breath by taking long deep breaths into the the abdomen (which is how we should be breathing all the time) and we follow this breathing motion for 60 minutes, we flood our entire body with huge amounts of oxygen. 

When we flood the body with oxygen we offer support for the transportation of blood, water, lymph and most importantly… ENERGY.

When energy starts to move inside of the body, things you might have unconsciously suppressed in the past become “stirred up”… which can be at times uncomfortable, although this is a very good thing for a physical, mental or emotional healing break through.

Breathe In Deep

Remember Who You Truly Are

Over the years of our lifetime we accumulate a lot of belief systems and ideas of who we are… or who we are meant to be in this life.

These fictional stories live in our head and control the way we show up to Life.

We work in jobs we don’t enjoy, because we believe we need to earn good money and have a stable career.

We stay in passionless relationships, because we believe we might not find someone else as compatible as our current partner.

We don’t want to spend our money, because we believe that money is finite and needs to be worked hard for.

We hold ourselves back in so many ways because we are constantly living in fear that something bad will happen if we take the risk to live a life we truly love.

This way of existing is rooted in fear, lack and scarcity… and is completely devoid of our true essence.

Breathwork combined with following a spiritual path will help you to forget these fictional belief systems you’ve been holding onto, which creates the spaciousness for your true Self to drop in and take over.

Your true Self knows nothing about fear, and everything about love and gratitude. When you shift gears away from the fear mind and start seeing as your higher self see’s… your life begins to radically shape-shift before your eyes.

You’ll notice a sense of purpose and passion to follow your dreams. New relationships and romance that make you feel like the Queen that you are. Financial abundance flows into your life effortlessly. Health balances out and you start shining from the inside out.

Radiant health did not occur because of how much spinach you are eating.

This happened because you have undergone a significant shift in perspective.

This is how Breathwork changes lives. It helps to rewire neural pathways ingrained into you since childhood that have kept you sick and stuck.

Once these have been up-rooted and you feel the remembrance of who you truly are… you feel free and expansive to live the life you truly want to live.

Breath Of Bliss

Attend A Love Ceremony

After testing out many different forms of breathwork, I chose to become a Breath Of Bliss facilitator due to the significant impact this particular style of breathwork has had on my life.

It is a very yin and feminine style of breathwork, which helped me enormously to move away from completely abandoning my feminine energy (which ultimately led me down a dark path of chronic illness). 

This work helped me to transform my inner critic into an inner mother, who is constantly guiding me through life with her gentle caring voice.

In each ceremony we will combine movement, sound and breath which supports you to release stagnant or low frequency energies that are weighing you down and creating disharmony in your body and mind.

We move our bodies with some ecstatic dance. We will have some heart sharing to connect with others. We then move into a 60-90 minute guided breath journey.

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I am currently running ceremonies in Currumbin Valley, Queensland with my sister Emily who is also a Breath of Bliss facilitator. 

If you are in Byron, Gold Coast or Brisbane and want to be on our mailing list for events and workshops please leave your email address below. I’ll also be offering this modality at my retreats.


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