Purify your body & mind

merge with your true self

Purify your body & mind

merge with your true self

We Are Co-Creating The New Earth

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We Are Being Called Into The Deeper Work

As we shift into a new era and our consciousness undergoes a
major evolutionary shift

Your body is a microcosm of  THE EARTH.

Your body is an antenna for the soul to speak through. Symptoms of exhaustion, depression, anxiousness or physical symptoms show up as a messenger that your lifestyle, perspectives or belief systems are out of alignment.

THE BODY IS THE PORTAL into understanding what our soul truly desires. If the body is obstructed with un-eliminated toxic waste, we cannot hear the true messages coming through to guide us forward.

Only when we start to tend to our physical needs do we start to ascend into higher perspectives that guide our path in the right direction.

As your cellular frequency increases, you start to explore higher density realms where love, bliss, gratitude and abundance are your most natural experience.

This is what it feels like to merge with your True Self and live a life of alignment.

Your Next Level Awaits You, If…

  • You are feeling heavy, tired and unmotivated about life… waiting for the next steps to appear
  • You want to fulfil your mission here on Earth, but you are feeling confused about your role
  • You are displaying physical symptoms such as pain, lethargy, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, hair loss, strong body odour, bad breath, poor eyesight, digestive issues (all signs that your body is starting to lose it’s proper PH balance)
  • You have regular insecure, unaccepting or un-loving thoughts about yourself
  • You are looping in fearful thoughts that are rooted in lack and scarcity
  • You can feel invisible roadblocks between you are your best self, and you feel you are ready to remove them and live your dream life
  • You want to improve your connection to Source which will open your channel and increase your psychic abilities

I once lived in the realms of hell… where every thought reflected back to me how unworthy and unlovable I was. My body became riddled with several chronic diseases. My life was falling apart. I knew it was time to enter a new dimension where love and radiance were my baseline.

This program contains all the tools to work deeply on your body, mind and emotions to walk the path I have walked. You can expect that your body, mind and life will never be the same again.

If a natural and steady flow of love, joy, bliss and abundance is not your experience,

this simply means your physical and energetic bodies are holding onto blockages.

We have all picked up toxicity along our journey, whether that be physical toxins from acid forming foods, pesticides, pollutants or other endocrine disruptors.

Toxicity also comes in the form of trauma from your childhood, your past lives and ancestral patterns of energy that are unresolved. These unresolved energies create thoughts, belief systems and false mental constructs about who you are and what you are truly capable of.

The first step is to experience harmony within your cellular makeup.

The second step is to remember your souls codes and start living the blueprint you truly came here to live.

Cellular Detoxification is the process of letting go of harmful waste to build strength within each of your cells.

As your cells become stronger your body invites you to let go of anything that is not truly you. The video lectures and meditations support this process as you’ll start to enter periods where everything you thought to be true is stripped away and replaced with confidence, acceptance and love for the truth of who you are. Simultaneously, your body will start to feel stronger than ever before and it will begin to radiate like the sun. This is what raising your cellular frequency feels like.

The Course Curriculum

In Module 1 we will set up all of the foundations to create a safe container for the journey ahead. You will learn about the intelligence of your body and how to harness the wisdom of the soul as you navigate your path of expansion. 

The wisdom shared in Module 1 will support you in understanding how the process of detoxing your body, mind and life works... and why we don’t want the EGO to take hold of the drivers seat along the journey. 

In this module we will begin to understand why we have to allow the intuitive guidance to be the guiding principle of this entire journey.

The ego will want to jump in and take over with rigidity and control.

This journey is as much about detoxing those old ways of being, as it is about detoxing the physical body.

We are shifting into a New Earth paradigm where the fear mind is no longer allowed to sit in the driver's seat. 

In Module 2 you will be learning how to deeply connect with your divine guidance and your feminine energy. We will be discussing the question … what does it look like to live a life that is a pure magical unfolding of the divine living and breathing through you? 

How can we align ourselves with to this way of being and disidentify from the fearful monkey mind that wants to think and over-analyse it’s way through life? 

Intuitive Detoxification is the path of purifying your body with the support of your Higher Self and Soul’s wisdom.

Nothing could make you feel more blissful and alive.

In Module 3 we will be learning about all things dietetics, nutrition and bio-chemistry. 

This module gives you the full spectrum of how the physical body works and what we need to do to not only heal, but to remain healthy and vibrant on a cellular level. 

We will be talking about proper food combining, dry fasting, macronutrients, the adrenals, the liver, the kidneys and we will finish out the module by debunking the biggest health myths we have all been fooled by for many years.

The Transition Recipe Database is a large electronic recipe book that you can work through at your own pace. The recipes are fully vegan and contain both raw and cooked options. 

These recipes, whilst being low in mucus-formation… are absolutely delicious and will satisfy you on every level whilst keeping your vibration high. 

Your Transition Diet is an important step that cannot be avoided. Proper transition is necessary prior to diving into deep levels of cellular detoxification.

Module 5 introduces you to all the most profound self-care practices which will support you in feeling like the best version of yourself. 

Each of the tools is designed to work into a certain system within the body. 

The more we can support the body to eliminate toxins, the better we will start to look and feel.

In Module 6 you will be exploring the Cleanse & Detox Protocols. You have over 15 protocols to experiment with, each targeting a different organ or system. Vibrant cellular health will be restored after several rounds of cleansing.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced on the detox path… the protocols have got you covered! You never have to push yourself into anything you are not quite ready for. Instead you can start with the beginner protocols for a few months until you feel stronger to dig a little deeper.

You are encouraged to follow protocols that EXCITE you. This way we know you will be following a protocol that is perfectly designed for your bodies needs at this time.

In Module 7 you’ll be guided through three of the five stages of cellular detoxification. 

The questions that many detox specialists fail to answer is … what comes after detox? 

What happens when binge eating arises? 

What happens when body image issues plague your every thought? 

How do we rebuild and regenerate all the nutrients and minerals that have been lost during a longer fast? How do we rebuild a strong and healthy body?

These are very important questions that must be understood prior to diving deep with cellular detoxification.

In Module 8 you will begin to dive into some much deeper work that the cleansing has been preparing you for.

Looking deeper into the psyche is necessary in order to reveal what has been holding us back. 

We will do some subconscious reprogramming work and we'll learn ways to start reprogramming our mind so we can attract positive experiences into our reality.

We will move through a belief systems workshop to re-wire any limiting beliefs that have held you back in life. 

We will speak about relationships and attachment theory and why looking at our childhood trauma is important.

We will finish up the lesson discussing reparenting tools and you'll receive a guided meditation to connect with the Divine Mother & Father, who will support you along your journey or ascension.

In the final chapter of the Next Level program you will be guided into your own emotional body. 

We will be discussing what emotional healing work looks like… and how can we become our own therapist, ensuring built up trauma and lower frequency energies have a way to be detoxed from the system. 

The emotions are a very important aspect of the healing journey as the emotions are truly the gateway into the soul. You will receive several powerful tools and meditations that will support you to dive deeper into your emotional world, so you can unlock any energies that are stagnant and creating pain or insecurity within your experience. 

What Is Included?

Over 120 video lectures

Audio downloads for each lesson to listen on the go

Writing exercises to accompany the deeper release work

Support from Sarah and the mentors in the discussion forums

LIVE Video Q&A Sessions in the private Facebook community group

Subconscious reprogramming tracks for sleep and during the day

Over 10 guided meditations (similar to this one, although on various topics)

A community of beings who are supporting your journey every step of the way

Lifetime access to all the program content including over 16 cleansing protocols and a recipe database with hundreds of high-vibe recipes that will support any diseased cells to leave your body and healthy cells to grow stronger 

Take a Peek at What's Inside

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There is no “doing” or “striving” with Intuitive Detoxification. It is a pure divine unravelling, allowing any internal disturbances to be flushed from the system...

What Is Intuitive Detoxification?

Instead of pushing our body or mind into anything that feels overwhelming, we slowly start purifying the energy bodies and as the baseline frequency held within your being starts to rise, your cravings, habits, thoughts and decision making start to shift on their own accord.

Intuitive Detoxification is to apply the principles of the feminine as we allow the body’s wisdom to guide the way.

Unblock Your Life On All Levels

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""This program has taken me BEYOND my Next Level. I didn’t realise what was possible for me until I did the work in the this program.""

Margaret T

"“I am in a never-ending process of surprise of how good I can feel. I have never felt more connected to my body and my purpose in this life. So grateful.”"

Amy S

"Been following this cleansing protocol for 3 months now, and wow, I feel like a new person! I never realised how much the toxins within my body were keeping me from feeling like myself. I was so cloudy and foggy and didn’t even realise until the cloud left."

Mary C

"My family have already noticed such a difference in me and I’m only 2 months in! Wow a lot can happen in a short period of time when you are truly committed."

Ben L

"No more bloating… no more cravings… regular bowel movements. I could never ask for anything more."

Paige G

"My acne has become much less inflamed and I feel it going down more and more each day. This protocol is bullet proof… if you are willing to do the work and meet yourself where you’ve never met yourself before."

Giulia P

"I have been struggling with candida for as long as I can remember. UTI’s and yeast infections have completely gone and my skin has improved so much. Can’t believe what I was told to avoid was truly the thing that was going to heal me. Thank you Sarah for illuminating this path of healing for all of us."

Elena R

The Body Always Reflects The Inner Work

Lizette A

I was divinely guided to Sarah’s YouTube channel a year ago. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the universe was answering my prayers. I felt sick and completely lost in life… I was full of fear and doubt. I was suffering from hormonal imbalance, severe acne, digestive issues and was completely out of alignment with the direction of my life! The program has revolutionized my life! Sarah not only provides you with the necessary tools to heal yourself but she also guides you in your journey to empower & FREE yourself. In a year of knowing Sarah and the teachings, my world has transformed.

My body has begun to heal, my relationships have improved and I feel powerful and worthy of anything! I have discovered the immense power I possess in creating & manifesting a life beyond my wildest dreams. I am eternally grateful to have a guiding light like Sarah in my life.

Mariella S

When I found Sarah's work, I was at a true low point in my life. My health was crumbling and I was full of worries and hopelessness about life. I was so confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there and I just wanted clarity. This program taught me this… how to reconnect and live in union with your soul. This has been the starting point to transform my entire life. When I started this journey I just wanted to be fixed, I wanted my symptoms to disappear. I now know that I am desiring way more than that. I want to live my truth. I want to live Life to its fullest. I want to feel empowered and liberated from all my internal limitations.

This program and the community has really started to open my eyes to the possibilities of life. What Sarah created is not really a health program, even though it helps me to level up my health day by day. Truly it's an invitation, a door opener to a new way of creating your life. It offers me such profound wisdom and practical, loving guidance on how to shed all the layers which aren't truly me. It outlines a new path of living... which feels like ancient wisdom is reawakening inside of me.

Each and every single cell is a tiny version of you. When we start tending to each cell as if they are a living entity, we start to restore our natural and inherent Life Force that works its way throughout the entire body, dissolving any imbalance it comes across.

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshops, lectures, meditations and tools you receive in Your Next Level created an opening for me to shift timelines and start living a life of bliss and radiance. Whilst applying these teachings to my own body and life, I eventually healed my body of an incurable endocrine disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, as well as all the other physical complaints I had been struggling with. I left the masculine dominated business world and started travelling, writing and creating full time which led me into the most beautiful career where every waking day became a living prayer of devotion to my soul’s purpose and mission. I reprogrammed all my subconscious belief systems around my self-worth, making money and being successful and through doing that work I unblocked every other area of my life I had previously felt blocked in. Overtime my life slowly shifted from being a painful unravelling of trauma, insecurity and depression… and became a light and bright blissful experience of merging with my soul and listening to my deepest heart's desires.

The program begins as soon as you sign up.

Modules 1 & 2 will be open right away.

The program is completely unlocked after 70 days, although you are encouraged to take your time as you move through each module. 

Every module is jam-packed with an enormous amount of information and resources. 

There is absolutely no rush to this process and the more patient you are — the deeper your journey will go.

This program is designed to be used over at least a two year period. You have hundreds of tools and resources to come back and revisit for as long as you need.

The community will become a life-long resource for you to feel held and supported along your journey of ascension.

Mucus is created within the body for incredibly intelligent reasons and it protects our cells, nose, oesophagus, intestines, gut and many other vital organs.

Although the issue is, the vast majority of our population is filled to the brim with mucus which creates all kinds of issues within the body. With such suppressed pathways of elimination, the formation of mucus is superseding the pace in which mucus and toxic waste is leaving the body. This is “the ticking time bomb” effect that you’ll learn about in Module 1.

Not to mention, mucus and all of it’s by-products (pathogens, candida, bio-film, parasites and plaque) hold a very low frequency. When you start to understand the vast intelligence of the microbiome you see that every living organism has its own consciousness. This means all the pathogens, bacteria and parasites that your body is storing away throughout the intestinal walls hold a certain power over your mental and emotional state of being. When they become overpopulated, that individual starts to become more disconnected from their souls essence, which is a major issue on planet earth in the current day.

For anyone who has done a juice fast or a cleanse in the past… the post-cleanse-glow is unforgettable. The crystalline clarity of mind and the high frequency emotions are the perfect demonstration of how we can truly experience life in these bodies… once we remove the waste that is creating unnecessary disturbances.

Absolutely NOT! This program is far from a rigid and dogmatic cleansing protocol. It's a doorway for you to walk through to meet your soul and Higher Self. You do not need to perfect your diet throughout this journey. Perhaps you decide to only do some light cleansing with the beginner cleanse protocols as you work deeply into your mental and emotional bodies with the final 2 modules.

This is your journey and only you can decide what is right for you. 

You receive lifetime access to 9 Modules that contain over 100 workshops and lessons in total. In each lesson you receive a video lesson plus a written lesson. You receive all the written lessons as audio downloads so you can re-listen to them whenever you like, to absorb all the information overtime.

Your Next Level is designed to be your toolkit to call upon for the next 2 or 3 years, or for as long as you require the upgrades.

You are encouraged to continue studying the content until you have reached Your Next Level and you are living with a strong and healthy body, a clear and inspired mind and you’re therefore living as the embodiment of your soul’s true essence.

The community will be here supporting you for many years to come, as you witness your body and life transform before your eyes.

Yes, unlike The Intuitive Healing Program which is for women only… this program is for both men and women.

This program has been developed for both the novice or the advanced detoxer. You are given options to opt into and by no means are you pushed into anything you are not ready for. This is the path of Intuitive Detoxification which is a very balanced approach that calls forth both feminine and masculine energy to find the middle path that feels right for your body. There is nothing to be afraid of. Take it as slow as you need.

Under each lesson there is a discussion forum where you are encouraged to document your process and ask your questions. You’ll receive all the love, support, guidance and information you need to feel safe throughout this process. You can also book in a mentorship program with Tori or seek support from Sarah in the Facebook group.

Yes! If you are currently experiencing certain weaknesses and are using medication and don’t feel you can commit to a full detox path, it’s still imperative that you are eating well and starting with some self-care practices. Everything in this program will very slowly start building your body up with nutrition so that you eventually feel strong enough to come off all medications.

If you are facing the throws of hormonal imbalance and you have not done a lot of detox work, then it’s best you start with The Intuitive Healing Program. This program works on the endocrine system, adrenals, gut, liver and nervous system. It provides you with a complete framework for deeper emotional work and mental reprogramming. If you are not facing hormonal imbalance or you have done a good amount of cellular detoxification work in the past, start with this program.

The first stage of the journey is called a Transition Diet which is moving away from acid forming foods and towards alkaline foods. You can therefore have a little animal protein and increase your greens and other wholesome foods. The detox protocols and rebuilding phases are completely vegan, as animal protein is acidic to the body and do not support deeper detox. Once in your maintenance phase you can have a little bit of anything you like, although it is likely you will be craving foods that hold a very high frequency once you’ve undergone several rounds of detox. You simply have to listen to your body and if you do not want to go meat-free you do not have to.

The entire program walks you through 5 different stages of cellular detoxification, with a mental and emotional detox offered in Modules 8 and 9.

When you get to Module 6 (where the detox protocols are available) you will find a large variety of protocols to choose from (for beginner to advanced protocols). You will intuitively oscillate back and forth between the Detox and Rebuilding Phases until you are satisfied with your results. You’ll then enter the Maintenance Phase which is pure intuition guiding you with no more rules to abide by. The body will show you the way from there.

The path of purification and cellular detoxification is a life long journey. To believe this journey takes one week, one month or one single cleanse… would be a complete distortion of the mind that wants a quick-fix. This program is not a quick-fix solution… it is a template for you to start implementing into your life so that you can continue to upgrade yourself on all levels for many years to come.

To give a more simple answer, expect that you will be in a process of detox and following the template of this program for a minimum of 1 - 2 years. This does not mean you will not see and feel changes within a couple of months, but to get the bigger picture of how profound this work is… it will take several months to several years.

The recipe database is jam-packed with recipes that are super alkaline and high vibrational, yet super easy and straight forward to prepare. We do not expect you to be slaving away in the kitchen for hours in order to feel healthy and vibrant.

Refunds are not offered for this program, solely because this community is not intended to be a "one foot in, one foot out" type of transient community. The moment you sign up for this program is the first day of the rest of your life and I urge you to take the leap and burn the bridges that could potentially act as an escape path. There is only one step forward, which is full commitment to the journey ahead.

Your Next Level is no longer for sale. Please check out Sarah's new offerings. Contact the team at info@saraharmide if you want to enroll in the YNL program.

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Please note:

The Intuitive Healing Program is a course for women only.


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