Yeshua Wasn't Teaching Us To Follow


Yeshua wasn’t teaching us to follow.

He was teaching us to look within.

Something that the minds of the humans could not grapple with at that time.

One could say, their “lower or more restricted level of consciousness” kept them looping for answers that sat outside of their own beingness.

Even his disciples.

Everyone, except for Magdalena, was locked into false beliefs.


...They weren’t quite ready to receive what he was sharing.
...They weren’t quite ready to feel that love in their hearts.
...They weren’t quite ready to look inside, for what they were looking for was never going to be found without.


Why weren’t they ready?

Why did they idealise The Kingdom of Heaven as some fantasy place that dwelled outside, instead of realising internal peace and was the true salvation they were searching for?

Why didn’t they truly “get it” which ultimately would have steered Karma in a different direction than what was followed, and a timeline would have become available (where the energy of the light exceeds that of the darkness) that he could have lived another several years and fulfilled his Ministry… leaving infinite new portals and timelines open for exploration on planet earth, including the union between man and woman, the masculine and the feminine, just to name one of so many healings that were left unresolved.

But that timeline was not available, and it became known to him that it would all end.

Because the Karma was too heavy, and the people were not ready.

So are we ready now?

You first must ask yourself that very question.


Are you prepared to stop seeking outside of yourself for salvation, for joy, for peace?

Are you prepared to face your inner demons and hold all parts of yourself in immense love and forgiveness?

Are you ready to leave your own Church of Shame, and exit out of the mind-field of false thoughts being fed to each of us? This one requires solitude and deep purification. It’ll require you to walk a path that is edgy, and beyond your comfort zone. It’ll require you to listen, as if your life depended on it, and answer the calls of your soul.

The answer is...

Yes... we are ready.

We do this together.


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