Your Outer Man Is ALWAYS a Reflection of Your Inner Man



Have you ever thought of any of the following... about your man... or any past partners?


I wish I experienced more…


Depth… I want him to truly see me and meet me where I want to be met

Connection… it’s like he’s not “fully here”

Slow intimacy… I wish he knew how long it takes to get me “warmed up”

Sensitivity… why can’t he be more attuned to my emotions?



Here are some other ones you might have heard in your internal dialogue before...

...I want to see him in his true power
...I want to feel him, his masculinity penetrating my femininity, allowing me to fully soften and unravel in his presence
...I wish he knew how to touch me in the way my body yearns for
...I wish he knew my sweet spots, and that ass and boob grabbing isn’t necessarily what get’s my body going and makes me feel like fully letting go.. into him
...I wish he wouldn’t hang out with those types of people, they don’t lift him up to become a better version of himself
...I want to see more of his authentic essence, why does he still wear these masks?
...I wish he’d believe in himself more
...I wish he was more grounded
...I wish he was more spiritual, more committed to his path of truth-seeking

... and the list goes on ...




Now here’s the catch.


Take a moment to breathe with the following statement.

Close your eyes and let it simmer in your body, and notice any parts that want to deflect and turn away from this inner investigation at its deepest level. 



Your partner (the outer masculine)

is ALWAYS a direct, accurate and proportionate…

mirrored reflection...

Of your inner masculine.


Now trust me when I say... I have deflected and rejected this level of awareness of my inner world many times. I have come up with countless stories as to why my partner is not...


As powerful as my inner man.

As successful as my inner man.

As internally still as my inner man.

As supportive as my inner man.

As incredible as my inner man.


In fact, the more work I started to do with my Inner Divine Masculine... the more I looked at men in my external reality... raised one eyebrow and scoffed at how weak and pathetic they were.


(I'm being brutally honest to let you know how deep my wounding with the masculine runs).


In the first session of the Return to Wholeness Masterclass Series where we dove into meeting our Divine Masculine, one of the ladies in the Q&A asked what do we do when we meet our inner man and he is so divinely perfect and beautiful but then our outer man doesn't match up?

Well the truth is.

He does.


Our current partner and his level of self-awareness is always a mirror of where we are... or where we have been.

And it takes much more than a quick meeting with our inner man once or twice (and seeing how beautiful, grounded, strong and powerful he is)... to see ever-lasting shifts in our external reality.



We need to integrate our Inner Divine Masculine into our body, our central nervous system and our soul's integrity.



If you want your outer masculine to grow up, mature... and become everything you desire him to be, you’ve got to first raise your inner masculine.

When he matures, the outer masculine shape shifts without you even needing to speak to him about the areas you truly desire deep change within.

It’s also possible (if it’s not part of your contract to grow and ascend together) that he naturally just falls out of your reality without any tears, grasping or holding on due to scarcity or lack...

And through your deeply surrendered attitude of trusting God has a higher plan for you... new men start to miraculously show up into your reality and they are treating you in ways you never imagined you could be treated.

They are reflecting you the work you've done inside of yourself.




So how do we "raise" and "mature" our inner masculine?


Have him show up in the way you want your man to show up.

This does abso-friken-lutely NOT mean hustle and hard work to make money in order to feel “safe.”

That’s not how your inner man serves your inner woman.

This will upset her even more and creates hormonal imbalance which creates even more chaos in emotions (as well as messes with how your womanly self physically appears).


Ways you can start raising & maturing your inner man...


🔹 Start internally processing, away from your partner, and committing to yourself that you can NEVER hurl your emotions or bad moon onto him, and if you do, apologise immediately and take full responsibility.

🔹 This means if something isn’t working in your life — do something about it. Do the internal releasing to release energy blocks around this thing and take action to make sure the outer circumstance changes. If you’ve done the inner releasing the outer changes should be effortless and in FLOW not FORCE which keeps you in harmony with your inner feminine as well as The Universe.

🔹 If you are feeling unsafe, anxious, worried or tense.. don't allow your body to be taxed as you walk around your day holding onto that. Go inside. Have a dialogue between your inner man and woman. See which one is triggered (could also likely be the inner child). Get clear on who has an unmet need, and meet it.

🔹 Constantly go into the quantum visual field and see him holding her. Pulling her body in closer. Touching her the way she needs to be touched. Whispering into her ear “everything will be alright, I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.” Do visual quantum healings on yourself consistently. See how powerful it is to feel your Divine Masculine inside of you holding, loving and tending to your inner feminine. I assure you that something in your consciousness that has been in a trauma response for thousands of years will begin to heal, and you'll feel it.

🔹 Pleasure your body the way you desire to be pleasured. Touch your whole body for 30 minutes before touching your Yoni or breasts. When making love with yourself, do so slowly with heightened levels of consciousness. Have a regular and consistent self-touch practice. Charge the areas of your body you love being touched (hair line, neck, face, shoulders, womb holding, hips etc) so the outer masculine knows where to touch you.

🔹 Sit with yourself in stillness. Look deeply into your inner world. Feel your pain when it comes up. Stay out of your mental stories and anchor awareness deep inside of your body. Your consciousness will begin to expand over time... which starts to change the vibration in your body and changes how people respond to you in your external reality.



To continue going deeper with this work, enroll in the Integrating Your Divine Masculine mini-course and receive the ceremony replay and other supportive resources for your journey.

In late September we commence a 6-month deep dive into this work. Applications are now open, simply email [email protected] if you want my information.




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