Emotions Arising As The Collective Frequency Is Shifting

lightworker the new earth Nov 10, 2021


“These are really intense times.”

We’ve heard that sentence a bazillion times over the past year or two.

What does this mean?

Let’s unpack it.

The energy of the cosmos is measured in density (another word for dimension).

Dimension / density are words to describe energy on a polarity spectrum from heavy to light.

The more dense — the heavier something feels.

Every planetary system has its own codes, contracts, agreements.

Let’s focus on Earth to keep it relevant.

Earth is due to move through cycles.
Earths inhabitants are due to move through cycles.

We can also refer to this as a “Collective Consciousness.”

These cycles can be measured and understood by philosophers astrologers and people who have much more knowledge than I.

All I understand at this point is that energy cycles come and go which impacts the arisings on planet earth.

This explains wars, suppression, control, freedom and everything else that has come and gone in phenomena, leaving its own imprint.

Right now we are moving through a HUGE portal.

From one density to another.

We will be moving from a deep slumber (an unconscious veil) to something more awake.

This will naturally feel like a lighter reality. It’ll be more heart-based less head-based (fear-based).

But just as a mother will moan in groan in birthing pains, rebirthing a society was never going to be a walk in the park.

I invite you to remember.

Every single day your body is moving energies, for our planet. And that is why you are some days more tired, more depressed, needing grounding with food or whatever else.

We are all doing huge work right now. Whether you are at a peaceful protest, sharing videos or you are lying in bed (I’m the third as of recently).

But.. it’s happening. The tides are shifting. We have a way to go, but be gentle on yourself as we navigate this transition from one dimensional space to another.





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