Your Are The Creator In Form



There are two paths to choose in life, and whatever your conviction is will ultimately decide the way your life unfolds.


The current society majority of us have been raised in, places emphasis on path number 1 - Be The Consumer.




The Consumer waits to receive what they want from life.

They hope for the best but they do not actively call upon the exact experiences they desire because at their core they feel weak or powerless. I

t’s much easier to be a participant of life.... so rather than being PRO-active

The Consumer becomes RE-active to life’s circumstances and often complains about what is showing up.


The Consumer scrolls social media awaiting to find what they want to consume.

The Consumer waits for life to become exciting.

The Consumer goes to a party and sits around chatting, even if they feel bored as the party is a little lifeless.

The Consumer often asks for support, and asks for tips, advice or help from the other beings around them.

The Consumers most natural instinct is to take, instead of to give. Most of the time it’s completely unconscious and coming from pain as they feel a deep sense of emptiness inside (not the Buddhist kind of emptiness).

Taking can even be to dominate a conversation by talking about themselves a lot, rather than entering a space of pure silence and presence.. offering sacred witnessing to the other being.

Taking means to TAKE energy from Life, rather than to GIVE energy to Life.


We all have consumer tendencies.

Some more than others.

It can really depend on how your needs were met as a small child.

Those who had many unmet needs (safety/love/witnessing) will slipstream into consumerism as they are in a constant incessant never ending search to get their needs met, which can NEVER come through consumerism.


Taking energy from life or other beings will only leave you feeling more empty. This can be seen in beings who eat in excess, drink alcohol in excess, drink plant medicines in excess, attend workshops in excess.




The Creator does not wait for circumstances to make him/her feel enlivened, they simply create from inspiration.


The Creator shows up to social environments and rather than sitting around hoping things will become exciting — they create the experience for the entire room.


They light up every space they walk into simply by their deep levels of authenticity and realness which invite every being in the room to meet them in that space.


The Creator does not use social media for information, validation or to feel good in any way. They jump on, write a post to inspire and support their human family, and they go about their day.


The Creator understands that life is a blank canvas and no one else is going to be responsible to hand you all your favourite colours. It is YOU that has to choose what is painted on your canvas and your paints are solely based in your perception. It is you who chooses to see life in a certain colour tone, is it greyscale, or is it bright colours that paint Heaven On Earth into reality?


The paradox is that whilst The Creator is constantly deriving the goodness out of all of life’s experiences... The Creator abides in a space of... “I don’t need anything... from anything.” This is because they realise everything they could ever truly want to experience in life is truly generated from within.


Whilst travel, money, connection, intimacy and all other beautiful experiences feel good, The Creator knows that the feeling of goodness was not generated within the thing, it was generated in response to that thing. The Creator therefore is a master in self-sourcing what they need and they do not wait for circumstances to look a certain way in order to feel GOOD.



Have You Been Living As The Consumer, or The Creator?

Notice which type you resonated more with.

What qualities did you you recognise within yourself?

Which type are you residing in more, in the current day?


The truth is... we are ALL CREATORS.

Defaulting into consumerism is a program, it’s pure indoctrination from our current society.


In the new world, where we create Heaven On Earth... we will be living as pure creators.

Creativity and inspiration will be the key driving factors of everyday.

Becoming The Creator means realising the truth of what you are.

No more waiting.

My invitation for you, is that if you need something, stop waiting for it.

Create it yourself.

If you are craving deep and intimate connection with others, you'll first have to meet others with vulnerability and authenticity.

If you are longing to discover your purpose in life, rather than waiting to stumble across it... realise that it is YOU. Your purpose is simply your beingness.

There is nothing that needs to be stumbled across nor found outside of yourself.

You are creating your purpose in every single moment... and by following the characteristics of The Creator you will feel more and more aligned with why you came down to this earthly realm.





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