Emotional Healing & The New Earth Paradigm


"It's normal to feel weird...

          And weird to feel normal..."



The current society we are operating within (and therefore the way most of us were raised) dismisses, shuns or rejects the parts of us that are truly MESSY, wild, chaotic and emotional.

Over the years I have coached over 500 beings... and I’ll tell you…

It’s so common that whenever a big emotion is coming up to be seen (which is exactly what we want) this person is holding it back, feeling ashamed or questioning WHY this emotion would be here in the first place.

There is an aspect of their shadow that is rejecting and disowning this emotion which is causing major resistance inside. The resistance is truly what is creating suffering and pain within this human being.

As soon as I guide them through a meditation whilst using their breath... to fully accept and become present to whatever is currently here for them... without any needing to judge or resist...

They have a HUGE shift and the energy in their body starts to flow freely once more.

Stagnant and blocked energy within the body is truly the reason why dis-ease and physical ailments develop within the body.

We cannot heal the body without allow the energy to start flowing freely once more.

This is why emotional work always needs to come before physical healing with diet, detox and supplementation.


The way our society has indoctrinated us is that “normal” is good… (normal being… stable, consistent and productive because then we keep the matrix system in place).

This means stuffing our feelings down or disowning and disassociating from them all together.

Maintaining this baseline of “normal” will require most asleep beings to eat for pleasure not for fuel, drink on the weekends and numb out on social media.

In The New Earth Paradigm that we are currently creating together… our children will be taught to FEEL their emotions and express them freely, no matter how big or messy they are.


Remember... this huge planetary shift starts within YOU.

Can we see that feeling “normal” is totally whacky as this means there is some level of suppression going on. Why would suppress the energies that are shifting through us? When you think about it, and start to see through The Creators eyes... it's completely absurd that we would ever resist or suppress anything that is shifting through.

We would see that these energies mean nothing about the totality of what we are. They are just emotions and sensations... shifting through momentarily. 


On the other hand to feel “weird” is truly quite fantastic because this human experience IS SO WEIRD at times.

The definition of the word weird is “supernatural, unearthly, different from the norm.” ...hmmmm YES that sounds like the perfect description of what we TRULY ARE.

All of these energies that come up to be felt an integrated throughout the day can feel intense and overwhelming but only when we are in some way resisting them.

If you fully allow all sensations and feeling states to arise without needing to change or fix them… you start to understand what the word “ascension” truly means.

Ascension literally feels like entering new levels in a video game to explore new depths of love and new heights of freedom.

This is what we came here for.




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