Jumping Timelines — A New Era Is Born



We find ourselves at an individual and collective fork in the road.


Where the old way starts to crumble, as the new way organically comes into vibrational alignment.


This becomes an intersection where infinite worlds will split and collide all at the same time.


It will be especially felt post-solstice (after December 21st) where, astrologically, we end a huge cycle and begin anew.


What we are each being invited to peer into is the multidimensionality of this energetic arena we are playing in.  We naturally begin to access more expanded states of consciousness that enable us to see…


… what we see is not what we get.

… the world was never truly “out there” like we always thought it was.

… the world is not an objective three-dimensional reality that we all “live within.”



Portals are opening up for more beings to peer through the veil of illusion. Seeing through the spell that was cast upon us, creating an illusory sense of separation.


And what we will find… is that the world has never been more than smoke and mirrors. A complex mirroring system of our own internal terrain.


And the belief systems become the infrastructure in which our reality can grow and expand.



Why is it important that we start seeing through the veil at this time?


Because the civilisation that currently resides on Planet Earth is ruled by those who play with dark magic.


What we are all born and bred from is Pure… untainted… crystalline… White Magic.


And as we begin to get more in touch with our heart, our conscience and our intuition… we start to feel as though the world is upside down or we are constantly living in opposite world.


To an awakened being… nothing about the way we currently do things on this planet makes any sense.


Nor should it.


Because the current “world” we live within is operating at a lower frequency (fear, lack, greed) this means our emotional system (energy bodies) are going to be in a continual state of disharmony.


As long as we continue to believe the world is as real as we were raised to believe, we will suffer greatly... because life on planet earth is completely out of alignment with the Life that we all have cellular memory of, from different dimensions and on different planetary systems.


As we pierce through the veil and start to know ourselves more as energy and less as physical matter… we naturally begin to source our joy and happiness from within.


The feeling of being interconnected within everything surrounding us brings a sense of peace and happiness… because we automatically feel less afraid.


The illusion of separation is deeply engrained into us because it will inevitably keep us in a state of fear and terror.


And then... we stop waiting for the outside “world” to bring us a true sense of joy and fulfilment. We know that it can truly only ever be sourced through our connection with the Divine Creator.


What happens next is we break the feedback cycle that is constantly feeding us thoughts and feelings that bring our vibration down to the level that the current society is vibrating at.


Only when we break that feedback cycle will we be liberated from the incessant fear, lack, sadness, anger, scarcity, dread, greed etc that lives through each of us.


When we break free of these threads of FEAR that are designed to keep us locked into a small, weaker and less powerful self… we begin to shift our timeline.


When each of us focuses on shifting our timeline, we will collectively shift into a new dimensional space.


Each day we are offered millions of micro-decisions that aid our journey into the lower spheres of consciousness, or into the higher realms of Light.


We all get to choose.



P.S… if a single picture is worth a thousand words, what does the picture above offer you?


Sit with it for a little while and allow it to direct you to a deeper dimension within yourself.


Some contemplations for you…


What timeline are you currently on? Do you believe you are the creator of your reality? Do you believe you are a victim to a cruel God? What do you desire to choose for the coming years and lifetimes? Will you choose love in each moment, or will you buy into the fear?




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