Showing Up As Your Soul's Essence & Triggering Others

Last night I had such strong dreams and can remember them all in such clear detail.
During one part, I was at a house cooking dinner for an old friend, and we suddenly spotted many many UFOs in the sky. He was shocked as it was his first time seeing this kind of thing and he was faced with a strong ego death of.... “reality is not what I thought it was.”
Suddenly we completely shifted dimensions/scenes (as you do in dreams) and we showed up to this huge concert where he was playing the piano for a large audience.
Somehow I ended up on stage as well, and I realised as we had been teleported to this scene I had lost all my clothes, and I had nothing but a jacket and undies and bra on (which is strange as I haven’t worn a bra in 5 years).
I quickly got off stage and went somewhere to hide and as I did I walked past a big group of girls who were calling me a whore / slut…
These are two very energetically charged words for my subconscious mind as these were to go-to hurt words that were murmured between every girl at my high school.
I believe this is active in my subconscious mind right now because of some of the hate mail I’ve been receiving lately, mostly from women.
I rarely read my YouTube comments anymore, and haven’t for some time, because exposing my consciousness to some of the crazy mindsets of other people felt out of alignment and it distracted me from my calling.
But there have been a handful of times recently where I’ve gone into the backend creator studio and checked in... and there has been a small handful of very hurtful and mean comments from women, who had pretty much constructed an entire paragraph of words that held a strong intention of wanting to hurt me.
My inner child has been super active lately, she has been feeling very unsafe at times these past months.
At times my firey powerhouse WOMAN has been totally offline, leaving an injured baby at the mercy of some very strong and hurtful energies.
Right now I am developing a whole new level of strength in the area of showing up exactly as I am, no matter how people respond or whether they will accept or like me.
I am sharing this because I feel so many of us are there right now.
I’ve been in a public-facing industry for 5 years now since launching my coaching business / blog / YouTube channel and what I can share with anyone who is just starting to share in a bigger way….
The more you show up as your true essence…
The more you are going to really really trigger a certain percentage of people who will stumble across your content.
If you are NOT triggering anyone, then you likely aren't being fully true and showing up as your unique codes. None of us will be liked by everyone, so it's time we stop trying.
And whether you are sharing about “conspiracy” information or not… you are STILL going to trigger the hell out of people.
Because most of society are living in a very offline & emotionally numb space where their soul's essence has been completely hi-jacked and abandoned by their very strong conditioned programs.
Whenever we are triggered (an uncomfortable energy is generated within the system) what we are often unaware of is that we have just received a reflection of some kind that is creating an upset in the system.
That upset is usually stemming from one of these three things (but it can be something a little unique outside of these):
  1. You've witnessed an aspect of yourself you are unconsciously rejecting / abandoned
  2. You've witnessed an aspect of yourself you are desperate to step into and activate more of
  3. Your false ideas of "self" have been challenged which is creating a lot of fear (which can bring people into anger or rage)


For instance, yesterday I uploaded an Instagram video of me dancing and moving my body freely.
I received a comment and a couple of messages that led me to believe, to certain women, that video was very triggering because there are many women on the planet who have completely abandoned their feminine energy.
AND there are many women and men on the planet who have abandoned their inner child… play… fun… silliness.
Whenever we start showing up in our essence (which is naturally very playful, light, silly, cheeky and at times there will be stronger more serious energies that express sacred rage or grief) we will naturally set off uncomfortable energies in other people, because they are not giving themselves permission to express their own form of authentic emotion / their true essence.
So beautiful tribe… be prepared that the more you expand into the edges of who you are, and the more you show up and take up energetic space in the world… the more you will be attacked at times.
This is why I created this Facebook group.
I heard my intuition very loudly say… you are going to stop creating videos about hormones, fertility and detox for a while… and you are going to create about The New Earth.
I knew I was going to be challenged by some of what I was sharing, so wanted to start a community where we can all come, feel safe, loved, nurtured and held.
And then we can go out into the world (onto the proverbial battleground) and show up in whatever way feels important to our soul.
We can always return back to this safe-haven for love, guidance or support whenever we need. Your soul tribe should be like your back-up battery pack that is always available for you to go resource from.
We are all in this, walking together.
So honoured to be journeying with you all.
An article written for The Soul Tribe Facebook Group. 

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