Sometimes We Need To Stop Seeking Advice About Our Health

hormones and fertility Dec 06, 2016


We are so eager to take health advice from our doctors, colleagues, neighbors and friends because we are desperate for some answers.

We jump on the bandwagon of mainstream diet’s that we’ve seen on the cover of magazines, or join workout programs our friends are obsessing over.

Seeking the advice of others feels like the safe option. because if it worked for them, it’ll work for me, right? ..Wrong.

We have such unique biochemistry which means we react differently to different things. You can’t expect that eating the same meal as you friend is going to have the exact same effect on you as it did her. Just because CrossFit training is helping her lose some weight, doesn’t mean it’s right for your body at this point in time.

This is because losing weight has nothing to do with calories in, calories out like we’ve been told. It is all to do with your level of insulin resistance and the other imbalances in your body.

Ask yourself the question, do you eat certain foods because you’re connected to your body or do you eat because you are following a health program, lifestyle blogger or a diet your friend suggested?

Stop telling your body what it needs to do, rather listen to what feels good in a nurturing, supportive way. Strengthening the mind-body connection will enable you to make the right decisions and hear your body loud and clear when it’s asking for something.
The good news! You’ve taken a step in the right direction by landing yourself here. By learning more, you will become more aware of the signals.

Before I cleaned up by diet, I would sometimes eat desserts with friends. A couple of hours later I was shaking, weak, sweating and couldn’t pinpoint exactly why although I suspected it was the sugary meal giving me a high. What I did not know is I was experiencing hypoglycemia, a dramatic drop in blood sugar after your pancreas has produced a lot of insulin in response to a sugar high earlier.

As soon as I learned the science behind what was happening, I knew it was something I could no longer ignore (even when my sweet tooth was having a frenzy). There are always alternatives that aren’t causing short-term and long-term side effects.

So before you do ANYTHING.. start with information. Educating yourself will help you to bring things you’ve never considered into the light. This will result in making more informed choices when it comes to feeding your body.

Reading this blog post was the first step. Hang in there.


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