The Global Awakening — Your Next Level Program



This is a very exciting time to be alive.


The world is beginning to change, and things are only going to speed up from here.


This may feel terrifying for some, and exciting for others.


Many sensitive, empathic, light-beings have struggled their entire lives to fit into the societal model that currently exists on planet earth. This can lead us to feel alone. Like we are a black sheep who does not truly belong.


Remember this...


You are not a misfit.

You are not too sensitive.

Nothing is wrong with you.

Nothing has ever been wrong with you.

And you DO belong here.


Just not in the way society has programmed you to believe.



We are the change-makers and the leaders of a New Way.

We were never meant to fit into the current paradigm, as we came here to be part of the solution to ensure it dissolves over the coming years.


As old systems begin to crumble we will need awake beings stepping up to the plate to support the majority of humanity who are going to be feeling pretty scared and powerless at times.


True leaders do not seek power. They are called by necessity. We are now being called to step up to the plate and let go of whatever has held us back.


Change does not start through externally focused action alone.

Change starts from within.


... Through digging up cellular debris that has been downloaded by the subconscious mind at a very young age.

... Through opening the bodies pathways of elimination and allowing poisonous toxins to be swept out of the system

... Through looking at limiting belief systems and all the invisible mental blocks that have kept you playing small, feeling insecure and unworthy your entire life.


Your Next Level is a community of Change Makers who are doing the inner work on themselves from every angle.





What Is The Journey About?


Once you join this community, the first part of the work is focusing on the PHYSICAL BODY.

Raising the cellular frequency being held within your cells.

Cellular Detoxification will not only heal your body of ANY disease or imbalance it faces... this process will open doorways to higher timelines that you never imagined possible.


We will then work into the MENTAL BODY by taking a deeper look into subconscious programs that are invisible and hidden from your conscious awareness.


We finish the program working into the ENERGY BODY which is also known as the emotions. You are provided with workshops, meditations and guidance which will purify your energy bodies. Your emotions are truly the gateway into your soul, as well as your deeper purpose for being alive. They are therefore an important part of the journey ahead.


Utilise the structure within the program for the next 1, 2 or 3 years, whilst leaning on your loving community for support... and your body, mind and life will never look the same again.


It is my pleasure to guide you through the process that has shape-shifted my reality from darkness, hatred and destruction into a living breathing experience of Heaven On Earth.

What an honour to be journeying with you... as we all make our way home together.


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