The Two Stages of Awakening



Last year was a huge awakening for many of us.

We collectively started pointing our awareness to topics that had lived under the veil of illusion for many years.

This year, and the years to follow, a maturation will unfold.

This will be the true #GlobalAwakening that will shift our civilisation towards a new trajectory due to the increased consciousness on the planet.

This maturation is still very new for some.

I am living there most of the time, but I do occasionally get pulled into the 1st stage of awakening.

I’m going to explain what these two levels in a very masculine way, only for our minds to conceptualise.

The truth is, awakening and “stages of consciousness” are not linear at all.


Stage 1 Awakening:


Realising life on this planet is not what it seems.

Realising we are being lied to, in ways our minds could never even conceive.

Realising we have all been programmed to our very core... and it will have to be us on an individual level who does the deep work to become internally free in this life.


In the Stage 1 Awakening there will be a lot of anger, fear and separation.

There will be a natural sense of “us” against “them” arising.

This is natural, and necessary.


We have to move through the emotional hertz spectrum (feel the anger to get to the grief - feel the grief to get to forgiveness).

This is how all emotional healing works.

Stage 1 is important because it’s all about empowerment.





Stage 2 Awakening:

In the Stage 2 Awakening, which many are receiving glimpses of, some are abiding in, and most who are reading this post will be living there 100% of the time in a decade or so... we are going through the deepest level of maturation.

Stage 2 Awakening supersedes the “us” against “them" mentality.

Stage 2 goes beyond empowerment because there is less and less Man and more Hu (God).

Less person and more spirit.

When we merge with our spirit, we will no longer seek power.

Because we remember the Divine Source we all come from.

We remember ourselves as The One.


The energies running evil agendas want us to remain in Stage 1.

Where we remain in the “us” against “them” mentality, which keeps us looping and stuck at one level of consciousness.

The energies running the agenda want us to remain in anger and attacking energies.

Hence why so much horrifying information was leaked last year. It wasn’t all been leaked by light sources.


Keeping us in anger keeps us out of spirit.

Fighting unconsciousness will always lead to more unconsciousness.

It pulls it out inside of us.

We would only ever want to fight something because we are emotionally triggered by it.

We can only be emotionally triggered by something if we are... in some way... it.

We hold the same energy within.

That is where the energy charge comes from.




If it wasn’t clear... The Stage 2 Awakening... is Christ Consciousness.

When Yeshua was on that cross, slowly dying at the hands of this energy we are seeing amplified on planet earth right now, he was not in anger.

He was was a man completely embodied in Hu.

He was operating from his spirit, and he knew that holding such a strong frequency of forgiveness in that moment would create ripples of new consciousness through time/space reality that would come into fruition a couple of thousand years later.


And those codes are now ready for full activation within each and every one of us.


And that... is the Global Awakening.

We will not transform our planet whilst staying in Stage 1, yet we do have to visit that layer of the awakening for a unique period of time for each unique soul.

The tides will change when more and more hu-mans start to live in the Stage 2 awakening. This is the energy that disables anything evil, corrupt or distorted that currently operates on this planet.

It’s very natural that anyone who has become identified as a victim will cling to stage 1, and will even be triggered by this post.

Triggered by the idea of forgiveness for atrocities that feel too painful to forgive.

And that's okay, that is also a natural symptom of the Stage 1 level of consciousness I spoke about.

When emotions are felt through the heart space, which can take a little while for those who are still holding a lot of dense energies in the system (holding onto emotional pain from the past) a whole new level of consciousness will become available, and it will set this being free in more ways than I could ever possibly explain. It can only be experienced.

Feeling through the heart space is the fastest way to move through intense healing to upgrade your consciousness. Fasting and pranic building tools like yoga and breathwork are an accelerator, but the actual work is the awakening within the heart.






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