The Wrong Type Of Workout Will Increase Imbalance & PMS

hormones and fertility Feb 22, 2017


Hormones can rule our entire lives...

When they are out of balance they can wreak total HAVOC on our bodies and our emotions.

Symptoms like weight gain, bloating, PMS, mood swings and headaches are just a few of the nasty things many women go through leading up to their period.

We deem these things “normal” as they come with the package of being a woman. This is NOT the case ladies.

You absolutely do not need to feel like sh*t before and during your period. This is a sign of imbalance.


Recently, one of my clients had one important topic she wanted to address and I want to share because I believe many women are experiencing the same problem.

She said her PMS had become so out of control lately, she was experiencing dramatic mood swings and feeling extreme fits of rage. The PMS mood swings had gotten so extreme she had been considering the fact that she was losing her mind, as these fits and mood swings were making her feel totally insane and out of control.

My instant response was…you are NOT insane…nor crazy for feeling this way around the time of your period. This is something many women face…although as I mentioned earlier, it’s also a sign that something is out of balance.

If women were experiencing a regular/healthy cycle and hormones were in balance we would all be menstruating together at the new moon each month. We’ve lost this connection to our natural menstrual cycle due to birth control pills, stressful chaotic lives and other endocrine disruptors like cosmetics, processed foods and environmental toxins. All these things are throwing our delicate hormonal rhythm totally out of whack.


So What Do We Do to Improve Our PMS Symptoms?


The good news is…even when living in the chaos and stress of modern life there are still plenty of ways we can balance out hormones which will result in glowing skin, improved digestion, weight loss, improved mood, increased sexual desire and much more. Sign me up!

There are a few different things to look closely at when working to balance hormones. For this particular client I detected one of the ways in which she was going against her natural hormonal rhythm throughout the month, which left her feeling agitated and crazy at the end of the month.

I knew she had been doing a lot of high intensity strength and cardio training with her new trainer. The problem was, even during the stages of her monthly cycle where she was feeling depleted and would be better to opt for a walk or some yoga, she was pushing through her fatigue and smashing out another session at the gym because she wanted to meet her body goals she had set with her trainer.

This was majorly disrupting the natural flow of her hormones. As we move towards menstruation our body temperature is rising and our testosterone and estrogen levels are changing which means we are not able to function at our fastest pace.

By exerting ourselves and pushing against that natural flow of our hormones we are creating an imbalance which will come back and bite us on the bum during the week of menstruation or during our next cycle.

My challenge for you…observe your mood and energy levels throughout the month. It will be different for everyone, although if you have a regular 4 week cycle your energy levels and desire for fast-paced activities will start to decrease at the end of week 2, beginning of week 3 of your 4 week cycle.

When this happens, instead of going to a spin class or another high intensity class, go to a yoga class or for a walk in nature. Don’t burn yourself out during this time. Take it easy and try to stay in the natural ebb and flow of your hormones, which are changing throughout the four different cycles.

Your hormones will thank you for it later! Document how you felt going for a more gentle class and see your symptoms improve on the next 1-3 cycles.

My clients PMS and moodiness balanced out within a month or 2 by following the advice I had offered. I hope you will too give this a go and respect your beautifully intricate hormones.

With much love,


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