Your DNA Is Wrapped With Light Energy


Did you know that your cellular DNA is wrapped with pure light energy?

When we come down into this earthly realm we do not become 100% human.


We still have direct access to our LIGHT BODY which is intelligently and intricately spiralling throughout all the human chromosomes and DNA.

Most humans on the planet do not have this activated since they were a small child... as the heavy, dense energy of their childhood conditioning sets in, which makes a human forget what they truly are and where they came from.


Things you'll notice when it's not activated for several years or decades:

— Sickness and imbalance in the physical body
— Tired, foggy, confused and heavy sensations
— You pick up energies easily, constantly fighting off what is not yours
— Very weak boundaries, always saying yes and resenting yourself for your response
— Easily forget about self-care, running yourself into the ground
— Feeling a lack of purpose, "why am I here?"
— Depression, suicidal thoughts
— Resistance towards EVERYTHING, even brushing your teeth is a chore some days


Things you'll notice when this crystalline DNA activates:

— You'll feel deeply present, and perhaps waves of non-sexual orgasmic bliss pulsating throughout your entire body
— You feel totally on purpose, without needing to "do" anything, simply being here, present in your body, present to each arising that Life offers... is your purpose in this life
— Life flows effortlessly ... and counting time or calendar days is not relevant anymore
— Energy shooting up your spine (can feel like pee shivers, but more intense)
Skin glows bright, eyes white, body is radiant
—Very magnetic (people and opportunities drawn to you effortlessly)
—Regular spouts of emotions that are purely in response to the beauty and awe of life
—Strong boundaries, lower frequency energies don't stand a chance in your energy field, everything is transmuted back into pure white light


We are constantly shifting in and out of our dense human self, back into our high frequency Christed Light Self...

I don't believe there should be any expectation on where we are "supposed" to be living the most.


But it's obvious which one is going to feel better.
It's obvious which one is going to feel more like your true Self.
It's obvious which one is going to feel more like home.


Every single one of my teachings is centred around activating this Christed Light within, because trying to figure anything else out until this light is activated regularly inside of your body... will be a waste of time and energy.

Why would we mess with the symptoms, when we can go straight to the root of the cause?

Dissolving lower frequencies on Planet Earth starts within YOU.

You... as the centre point of the entire universal arena.


If we could all receive the full download of what the human-mind-spirit system truly is... we would all be laughing our arses off and crying hysterically.

I have started to receive small transmissions from my guides... but I'm sure I only have 0.00002% of the entire picture.

Every time I receive another piece of the puzzle my mind is blown into a thousand pieces.


I recommend this guided meditation by Sandra Walter to get you started with the Christed Light DNA Activation work.




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