Feeling Helpless, Hopeless & Alone

You and only you will know when it’s time to step onto the Transformation Train.

No one can force you onto it.
If you are not ready, it’s as simple as that.
It’s as simple as acknowledging “I am not ready. It’s not my time yet.”

Honour your journey and where you are at right now.
Please always trust yourself!
Your heart's guidance knows better than anyone else.
Remember that.

For those who do feel they are ready to transform their body and life, read on...


A few of my one-on-one six-month programs have just come to completion. Wow, did these women have some EPIC transformations. I was continually in disbelief in our final sessions together. A new sense of confidence, motivation, creativity, emotional intelligence, maturity and enthusiasm for life had erupted within them.

Their entire presence, appearance and energetic radiance had shifted completely in just 6 months.

It was astonishingly beautiful to witness these women stepping into who they TRULY are, beyond the darkness of hormonal imbalance.

After several sessions of moving through some murky, dark, swamp-like stuff that was lingering in their system since childhood, suddenly the light started to shine through.

Symptoms disappeared, new business ideas landed, menstrual cycle regulated, feminine energy rose, new relationships flourished, career transitions, family matters resolved.

This is a good reminder that we must face what we fear the most in order to see huge transformation start to take place. We must move through the resistance and take action on the healing journey in order to reap the benefits of this entire experience.


Feeling Helpless, Hopeless and All Alone

My heart breaks open into a million pieces every time I contemplate all the women who are currently suffering from hormonal imbalance disorders like PCOS.

Whether they are facing physical symptoms (hair loss, body hair, weight loss or gain, acne) or they are facing emotional symptoms (depression, isolation, anxiety).

It is truly heartbreaking to consider how many women are feeling helpless, hopeless and alone throughout this challenging process.

We should never feel alone in this process.

We need support to find our way out of this. 

I was hoping to brave my healing path alone through isolation and a strict diet regime. Yet my body wasn’t healing…

I eventually realised, after reading Mind Over Medicine, that if we are facing loneliness and feel as though we are in this on our own, our body cannot get better.

So I acted on that immediately and VOILA, my symptoms started to move into remission.

Therefore over the last 1-2 years, I have dedicated all my time and energy into developing certain "entry points" for women who are suffering emotionally and physically, just like I was.

My two main focal points for seeing women all over the planet start to heal their bodies are:

  1. An online self-study program
  2. One-on-one coaching programs (3 or 6 months)


Self-Study Program


If you are looking for a little bit of privacy for your healing journey and want to move through a self-study school at your own time, unlocking major transformation at a pace that feels comfortable for you, then check out The Intuitive Healing Program.

Yes, you will be surrounded by loving tribe and community. 
Yes, you will have access to myself for guidance whenever new questions or fears come up… although you will also have privacy to unravel and unfold in your own unique timing.

Just like a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon.

The caterpillar cannot be forced, otherwise its wings might break. It needs to wriggle out in its own unique timing.

You will have lifetime access to 8 healing modules, 15 guided meditations, 15 healing e-books, 2 hormone healing cleanses, over 70 video lectures plus a lot more.

You can continue to revisit lessons until all your symptoms are in remission and you have stepped into the real you.

Below are some words for you to deepen your understanding of the power of this program.

"I was scared I would never be able to have children. My doctors and everything I found online was scaring me. I felt so hopeless. After starting the online program, my body started showing healing signs after a month or so. The healing continues and now I know from my gut that I will have children and my health will continue to get better for many years to come. I am not afraid of my PCOS anymore."

- Rachael 

"My skin started to clear after a month of commitment to the tools the program offers. Then my energy levels started to increase. Then it felt like my healing journey took on a life of it's own. I was along for the ride but a powerful momentum started carrying me through this process quite effortlessly."

- Jo


One-On-One Coaching / Healing Sessions

If you are looking for one-on-one support to move relativity deeper into certain areas of your life (career, relationships, finances, sexuality, healing the body etc) then the good news is this...

I have 3 spots that have just opened in my coaching schedule.

These will fill up quite quickly although I will have more available when the next round of women complete their sessions.

You can sign up for 3 or 6 month programs or you can do sessions one at a time if that feels more comfortable for you. 

You’ll receive guided meditations, PDF work books, cleanses, diet and nutrition support, transformational books, recipe books, bi-weekly coaching sessions with homework and recommendations to put into practice. 

Feeling the call? 

Get contact with me with any questions OR with any hesitations, concerns, fears or doubts that are coming up for you in this moment.

Please remember this...

I love you all so much and if it’s not now, I hope to hear from you in the future once you feel completely ready to commit to your healing and personal transformation path.

I will be here, lovingly and patiently awaiting you to say YES to your body and your future life.


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