The 3 Stages Of Detox & What To Eat To Continue Healing

I have not spoken on the topic of food since my last video PCOS What To Eat? which was shot nearly one year ago when I was in Thailand.

I have not been withholding on this particular topic to be selfish I promise you.

For this past year I have been hesitant to share on the topic Food As Medicine, due to the fact that I am still currently exploring this topic for myself.

In the present moment I am in what I like to call STAGE 3 of my healing & detox journey.

Many of you will be early in STAGE 1 or perhaps approaching STAGE 2.

What Do You Mean By STAGE 1, 2 and 3?

These stages are the terms of healing I refer to in The Intuitive Healing Program.

Each stage targets the most relevant organs and bodily systems that need to be strengthened and showing improvement before you can move any further along your healing journey...

...the journey to find balance in your body to stop weight gain, infertility, acne, hair loss and body hair.

For example, in STAGE 1 our primary focus is to work on the adrenal glands.


Because when you are initially diagnosed with hormonal imbalance disorders like PCOS, it is certain that you have some level of adrenal burnout.

The adrenals are one of the first glands in the body to go down for there to be any disease formation.

When the adrenals are not strong other core issues will arise...

Mood swings, unstable blood sugar, poor sleep, irregular bowel movements, cell waste is not filtering through the kidneys efficiently, acids and waste not leaving the body, cysts forming in the body, pain and inflammation shows up, symptoms show up...

Until STAGE 1 has been met with a deep level of focus and attention, you cannot move into STAGE 2 or STAGE 3.


Because if your adrenals are not strong and your pathways of elimination are not open, you do not want to be adhering to a deeply detoxifying protocol because the toxins in your body are not able to leave and will instead recirculate the body.

This recirculation is extremely stressful on your system and will likely make symptoms even worse, especially any skin conditions like rosacea, acne or psoriasis that will likely flare-up.

When toxins are not able to leave via your two major pathways of elimination (bowel movements and urine) toxins will try to leave via the skin.

This is why initially it is more important to focus on balancing your macronutrients and eating some high-quality fats and proteins as opposed to following the most detoxifying diet or cleaning protocol. 

To get maximum results it's always best to work in stages, hence why it would be safest to move through the 8 Module Program + final 3 Stage Detox Protocol in a slow and gradual way.

This will give your body the space and time it needs to slowly start rebuilding itself.

Eventually, you get to the stage where the changes are so enormous and you can see why you had to move through certain transitional phases. This work is powerful but it does not happen overnight! It's important to remember that so you can abide in patience and compassion for your beautiful body.


So How Do I Heal My Adrenals?

To heal the adrenals you need to look at regulating deep sleep, make sure you are blood sugar balancing (find the correct ratio of macronutrients - see this video), ensure you are having regular bowel movements and of course look closely at your levels of STRESS.

Until these things are attended to with a lot of love and focus, it is not safe to deepen into this process any further.

You are best to remain in STAGE 1 and heal your body from this approach.

FYI - I brought back my period after 14 months of no bleed AND I reversed 80% of my symptoms ... in STAGE 1.

STAGE 1 foods can be found in the PCOS What To Eat video.

Your core focus will be things like dark leafy greens, avocado, sweet potato, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, veggies, fruit, olive oil, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds etc.

For some who are still feeling called to eat animal products your focus will still be on salmon, eggs and other animal meats (always of the highest quality and in small quantities, and NEVER drink cows milk as it will slow down your healing process enormously.)

Stage 1 is a WHOLE FOODS healing diet.

Your focus is eating foods that are still in their whole form. You want to get all of your nutrient stores right up which means eating a large amount and a HUGE variety of different types of fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, beans etc. This will strengthen your body and it will help to restore your adrenals.

You can cook all your food and try experimenting with eating more raw plants if you can digest them okay.

I Just Can't Seem To Lose Weight

If you are having problems with weight gain related to PCOS or you are facing this problem in general your entire life, the advice you must hear and listen to immediately is this...

DO NOT diet or count calories.

DO NOT restrict yourself.

That is certainly not the way out of this and will not get you healthy in your body.

Excess fat on the body = 2 things...
1. Hormones are imbalanced.
2. Toxins are stored away in the body.

Instead of making your focus about weight loss, make your focus about HEALING with a whole foods diet and moving deeply into cellular detoxification.

This means eliminating all processed and artificial junk and getting rid of anything that is toxic to the body.

When it comes to exercise, rather than slogging away at the gym, instead do brisk walks 5 times a week.

Do not fall into the trap of restricting calories and over-exerting yourself with cardio exercise.

Those two things will only prolong the healing work your body has to do and they will not help you lose weight in a sustainable way.

What Happens Once My Adrenals Heal?

Once your body has displayed the signs that things are improving and the adrenal glands are becoming stronger, you can move into STAGE 2.

This means reducing fat and protein consumptions, doing short intermittent dry fasting for 12-14 hours overnight windows whilst focusing on optimising your kidney function to ensure acid waste is leaving the body through your urine.

This will be your main focus for anywhere between 3-12 months (depending on the severity of your symptoms and the state of your body.)

STAGE 2 and STAGE 3 are very similar although STAGE 3 takes the detox process up a few notches and will be the phase that will bring you home into a body that is completely healthy, balanced and toxin-free.

For me personally, my symptoms were extreme and my body was in terrible shape, so I see myself being in STAGE 3 until I feel it's right to move into a maintenance diet where I'll be balancing raw/cooked and eating a wider range of foods.

In the present day, because my gut is healthy and my adrenals are strong, I like to eat a lot of raw food.

Raw plant food is incredibly hydrating for the body and reverses oxidisation of your cells (it's therefore anti-ageing).

I see a huge difference in my face when I am eating cooked food as oppose to eating raw food.

Cooked veggies (even just steaming, baking or boiling) are much more dehydrated than alive, raw foods. 


If you are at the stage where you can digest raw veggies and fruit, do an experiment for a week eating raw and look at the difference in your face!

You can even take a selfie at the start of the week and then for one week straight eat 80-90% raw (raw salads, raw vegetables, juices, green smoothies and fruit).

Compare your face, skin, energy levels, sleep, bowel movements etc at the end of the week.

It's easy to become addicted to this lifestyle because you LOOK and FEEL so GOOD!

I also never get cravings for sweet things when I am eating this way.

If you are still in that phase where you need to nibble on something sweet after dinner, this is a sign you need to incorporate more fruit and starchy veggies like squash and sweet potatoes into your day.

Nowadays I eat very little fat and VERY little protein aside from what I receive in vegetables. I also do not regularly eat grains. I essentially eat fruits and veggies.

I know that the mind can feel very overwhelmed on this healing journey.

So if you are having thoughts like...

"I will never get there"
"That isn't right for my body"
"She isn't getting enough nutrients"
"Going vegan doesn't give you enough protein" 
"What about blood sugar balancing?"

I totally get it.

I would have had the exact same thoughts 2 years ago!

Please remember that if your blood sugar is imbalanced, this is not a genetic weakness that you have unluckily inherited. This is because your adrenals are fatigued which is causing all kinds of havoc in your body, including unstable blood sugar.

The body needs to go through strategic deep healing before you can reach where I am today.

Of course, I indulge in a nice vegan dessert or cooked meal from time to time ... life has to continue to feel fun otherwise we won't stick to the healing journey.

Although I also find a lot of joy, pleasure and fulfilment in the way I eat today. I feel absolutely amazing and the way you feel in your body is always far more addicting than any food or habit you've picked up along the way to offer you some sense of instant gratification.

Feeling good and vibrant in your body is truly the best feeling in the world.

I also consume about 1/2 - 1/3 of the amount of food I used to eat yet I remain satisfied and do not experience extreme cravings anymore.

For someone who was a binge eater for 25 years... this is a MAJOR accomplishment.

I can do this because of the level of detox my body has gone through, but also because I am very connected to my body and I know when it's full.

I also know when I'm abusing food to soothe an inner emotional disturbance.

Will I eat just fruit and veggies forever?


Although I have devoted myself to ridding my body of all toxins so I don't have reoccurring problems in the future.

I know I am not fully there yet and will find more balance with grains / fats once my body tells me it is time.

These intuitive abilities to heal your body develop over time and there is no fast-route to get there overnight. It requires you to do your own inner work (seeing what you use to numb your internalised pain) whilst also doing gradual detox work on your body by healing your adrenals, your gut, your liver and kidneys.

Suddenly things start to click into place and everything comes into balance.

Moving gradually deeper into this process of healing is honestly the best feeling in the world.

All the fear and pain you've been holding onto for years starts to lift and you'll finally just feel clear... you'll start to truly feel like YOURSELF.

I Love You!


P.S If you don't have my on Instagram get me there as I'll share more piccies / info about my meals and my healing transition so you can understand what got me to where I am today. 

I also like to share on topics relating to deeper emotional and spiritual topics as this is also a very integral part of this healing journey.

P.P.S I'll keep offering tips and tricks on my Instagram page and YouTube channel although if you are ready to dive headfirst into this process just like I have, sign up for The Intuitive Healing Program

It is CRAZY-TOWN that so many women are walking around with these symptoms and losing their babies to miscarriages. Yet this is happening every single day all around the world.

Let's put a stop to this NOW and do the deeper work together.

All of us... hand in hand.

Do not accept this as your future. You can reverse anything and everything you are moving through right now, I promise.

P.P.S Watch this video for more info on this topic + some before and after pictures of my acne when I was first diagnosed with PCOS. 

I suffered from chronic PCOS symptoms for about 4 months until things started to improve. I truly believe that this condition can improve within the span of 1 month of hard work. 

I promise you I have been to hell and back with my PCOS symptoms and this wasn't even a terribly long time ago. I know that if I can move mountains with my body ... ANYTHING is possible for you too!


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